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This Love of Mine
I never would have seen it coming.
I was dwelling from the frost bite of the ice cold winter.
My heart began to whither away from pain.
But spring was in the air, and subtly,
The seeds that had long been planted in the stiff ground were softening up.
Roots intertwining with soil just the same as our hearts were.
The sun's sweet kiss meeting earth, just as yours met mine.
Before I even knew it, we were a budding romance.
Life all around us, colorful and fun.
Summer soon came through, and filled our days with warmth.
The whole season was a jubilee.
The sweetest song of a bird, the delicate breeze through the trees,
Reflect the explosion of emotions inside of me,
Wrapped up in your arms all the while,
It was something I had been waiting for, for far too long.
Now that fall has passed us and we have winded back down into this snowy massacre, I no longer fear the chill.
For now that I have you I am comforted, even in my coldest hours.
As long as you hold me tightly, no winter shall falter t
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 3 2
Selfie by Captain-Ichimaru Selfie :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 2 31
You are a weed
In a garden of lilies
Sucking out their life force
And although we bloom
And spread out our radiant petals
Beneath what you can see is where it happens
In the soil of my life
My bed and my birth
You are there
Refusing to live by your own means
You must take from others.
But I refuse to wilt to your powers
I refuse to give in to you.
My will is to open myself to the world
and nothing you can do will stop me.
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 3 21
Bailey by Captain-Ichimaru Bailey :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 2 2 Lucky Charms by Captain-Ichimaru Lucky Charms :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 0 2 Bagel by Captain-Ichimaru Bagel :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 0 47
What love is like.
What does it feel like to be loved?
It can happen in a minute
Or even a mere moment.
A word.
A smile.
And there it is,
Something that sparks inside your bleak bones.
Moving like a shockwave
Streaming through your body.
Infecting your milky mind,
like an outbreak.
Bringing you high, above misty mountains,
Soaring you into a sky so blue.
Holding you high, up above the moon.
And maybe you don't quite notice it.
But when you do,
It will inspire you.
To make a home up there.
To rescue the tossed and tattered pieces,
To revive the warmth
Of your dreaded dead soul.
And to throw wood
Onto the pit of your heavy heart
To fan a fire so great
That the smoke will steer the cold away.
To send you to a place so grand.
Such a small act,
In a single sentence, in a single second,
Could do just all of that.
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 1 5
Oh little dwarves you have no idea,
where you are going or what you will face.
Lucky for you I have found you a hobbit,
to take with you, to bring back the profit.
Yes, he is small but looks are deceiving!
He descends from Tooks, is that relieving?
You come to me, so don't be complaining...
QUICK! To the cave, as it is raining.
Fili and Kili did not check it well.
A noise in the dark as we are dozing.
Quick to my wits, I'll cast a spell!
Oh, what a horrible tune those goblins sing!
Dearie me, where is our hobbit?
It seems we've lost him in the cave!
Oh, little Bilbo I'll wait a bit,
but the hope of these dwarves are about to quit.
Wel Mr.Baggins, what a surprise!
You are here! In the flesh.
Tell us how! Snuck out you say?
I don't believe you, there is no way!
There is magic about, I know for sure.
For Hobbits like you don't usually lie.
You love to work and love to eat, you are pure.
Magic, it MUST be keeping you from telling me why!
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 3 4
The Heart
Without you, I'd be dying
A slow and painful death
All of my folk would be crying,
"Such an untimely death."
You are what rests within me
yet, you never take a break.
Working day and night, tenaciously,
so that every morning I may wake.
Though you are only something physical,
I refer to you when I am happy.
When I am sad, you also hear my call.
You are what makes up who I am; me.
More than just blood, you feel a break.
More than just muscle, you are love.
The kind of love that is sweeter than cake,
and the sadness of days when it rains from above.
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 0 6
Trix Treat by Captain-Ichimaru Trix Treat :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 0 8
Child Killer!
A tragic story this week was unravelled when local family, the Taylors, discovered what had happened to their 13 month old infant. Officials say the culprit was male suspect, Mark Dubois. This recent resident was said to have appeared to acting oddly previous to the abduction of the missing child, a neighbor of his, Cambria Wilson, stated,
"I only met him once and I would have never expected it, it was just around Halloween when I noticed. I would see him in his window just staring out of it. It was really weird, it made me feel unsafe in my own home."
Mark Dubois was not only the culprit of the abduction and murder of Abigail Taylor but also of the slaughter and dismemberment of five and eight year old, Chase and Vanessa White.
Authoirites say that Dubois was found dead in his house at the bottom of the stairs, from an autopsy it is said that he died of a brain hemorage. Police also say that they had found a suicide letter stating,
"Blood. Blood. Blood. I need all their
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 1 5
I opened the door and could feel the cold air pulling me down, trying to swallow me to it's chilling depths; it's only desire to eat me up alive. The light from my phone shown the narrow path down the staircase. Just one step through the door way and before I could even look back the I could feel a rush of air and the door slammed right behind me, knocking me off guard and tumbling down the entire flight of stairs. My phone flew out of my hand in an attempt to catch myself little did I know at the bottom was a concrete wall. I became dizzy fast and I could feel myself fading away.
Were my eyes open? I couldn't tell it was too dark but I felt numbly cold. I attempted to sit up but my head was so light I flopped right over. I rolled onto my stomach and could feel from the left side of my head to the beginning of my hairline throbbing. I carefully felt for it in the dark and I could tell that it was scrapped right open. I could tell that the blood was beginning to clot and cake over becau
:iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 1 0
Hot Chocolate by Captain-Ichimaru Hot Chocolate :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 3 0 Buffalo Chicken Dip by Captain-Ichimaru Buffalo Chicken Dip :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 1 2 Thanksgiving Pie by Captain-Ichimaru Thanksgiving Pie :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 4 0 Veggie Tray by Captain-Ichimaru Veggie Tray :iconcaptain-ichimaru:Captain-Ichimaru 2 0

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm Sarah, a.k.a. Chubby.

I'm not sure if I can find the words to describe myself accurately. If you talk to me and get to know me, you will have your own definition.
Well let's see here I guess that last time I was on here was all the way back in February. Let me do a catch up since then. 

Finals came and I made the dean's list again. I am hoping that I will do my final best in this last semester and get a 4.0. Come on guys, cheer me on!! No skipping classes and shit....hah yeah right. 

Then my summer started and I took a lifeguarding class that was being given in my hometown for 1/3 of the normal price ($300 normal; $100 for meeee!!) So that was around May, because the grand opening was around my mother's birthday and Memorial Day. The class was like two weeks before opening so I only had a little time before I was thrown into working. It's only a part time job but I keep myself busy because I don't like to be home...with my mother...

So three big things I did this summer:
I went to the Bronx Zoo. I went with my two friends and their mom who wanted to drive us. It was nice, but you know it was just sad realizing how miserable and bored those animals are. You go there and they're all asleep which makes it no fun because you want them to be happy. My favorite animal that I saw was the snow leopard. OMG he was beautiful...or she. I don't even know, I just wanted to climb in there and cuddle, seriously. 

The second thing I did was go to Great Adventure in New Jersey. It was like a double date sort of thing. We only got to go on three rides but they were pretty good. We went on The Dark Knight, Nitro and Kingda Ka. The last one is the tallest, fastest roller coaster in Northern America. With a 425+ ft drop, going 128 mph. After we met my friend's boyfriend's mom. She was so funny, and super good looking. He hates when we call her a milf, but she really is. 

The last thing I did was going to a country music concert at the county fair. It was really good and I knew a good amount of songs. The performance was good and funny and it would have been perfect if we didn't have to leave before it was over. 

So that and working at the rec center and the other place called Spillian has pretty much been my summer. 


I've gotten a good amount of reading done this summer as well. 

I finished A Clash of Kings and started A Storm of Swords, and right about now I am halfway through it. 
Between it I read, The Lovely Bones and The World According to Garp. (R.I.P. Robin Williams)

My list of things to read keeps growing and growing and I don't have time to read everything. 

Here's a short list of what I still want/need to read:
A Feast for Crows
A Dance of Dragons
Divergent (trilogy)
The Hunger Games (trilogy)
The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles)
The Fault in Our Stars
The Prey
Deadeye Dick
Slaughterhouse Five

etc. etc. 

The more I read the more I want to write stories. I like writing short stories because I feel like it's a realistic goal for me and I am more compelled to finish writing it if I don't feel like it has to be long. 

Another good thing that's happened is I've been re-watching some anime I used to love. 
Robert, my boyfriend, and I started watching Samurai Champloo, Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club. I want him to watch Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, and Death Note. Hopefully after he watches all of those he will be more compelled to watch subbed anime. I remember when I never wanted to watch subbed anime, but once I broke through that wall, it was great because I could watch like every anime on the internet ever. 

Anyways, I will hopefully come up with some materials to post soon. 


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